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Why is Everyone Choosing Performance Martial Arts Academy

“I just started PMAA in Jan. 2013 and I love it here! I just got my first stripe last night and it was awesome. I also have a 9 year old and 6 year old that take the kids martial arts classes. They have become more responsible and courteous to others in the 2 months they’ve been taking these classes through the life skills program PMAA offers. My son actually started cleaning up his clothes and folding them for the first time on his own so he could work towards getting his first stripe.”

– Jenel Nguyen

“I’ve trained in gyms all over the country and nothing rivals the instruction and community at Performance Martial Arts.”

– Roma Pawelek

“The guys here are my second family for sure.  Everyone is welcoming and there are enough people to get a good variety of training partners. This is def a Brazilian JIU JITSU first school, but there are awesome classes for striking, judo, wrestling, and conditioning.  Head coaches are all black belts in their art and very hands-on with students.”

– Dan T.

“Best drills, best technique, friendly atmosphere, all is welcome at performance martial arts.  Very fortunate to train under Ben Baxter plus his excellent training partners.” 

 – Maxwell J. Smyth

“Ben Baxter & Ryan Cunningham are Great, the best. Do a search on either of them and you will find out quickly that they are competitively the best at their game and that is important. Possible more important is their students performance/competence/attitudes. I have experienced across the board support from all of their students in starting Jujitsu in my very late 30’s. I was intimidated at first by all of the superior students and then I learned that they all wanted to teach me what they have learned. I wish there was a 6th star for places like Performance.”

– Steven Ritter

“…[Ryan] is so patient with the children and treats them with respect. Ryan explains the exercises in a way kids can understand, without talking down to them.  He then demonstrates how it’s done. Ryan is sharing something with the children that he is passionate about, and that is contagious.

“I watched my little girl gain self-control as well as self-confidence. She is no longer afraid at school and now stands up for herself and the other kids. She has never had to use what she has learned, but the knowledge that she could defend herself gives her the confidence to stand up to the bullies. That is power!…My girls are better people because of their instructor and the example he has set for them.”

-Letitia Valenzuela

“Every now and then you come across a teacher that is truly gifted with children.  Sensei Ryan Cunningham is one of those.  My son, now nine years old, has been a student of Sensei Cunningham’s for over 2 years.  In that time, I have seen so many kids, including my own, change in amazing ways, physically, behaviorally, even socially.  Even kids with fairly severe behavior problems become more compliant and respectful, and I believe this is in large part due to Sensei Cunningham.  The respect is such an important aspect of martial arts, and Ryan gives the children every bit as much respect as he demands from them.  Ryan never shows favorites, and never shows when he has had a bad day or is upset.  He can be light-hearted with the children while still maintaining a firm control of the class.  One of his best attributes is that he uses children’s strengths to bring out the best in them, while helping them with their weaknesses.  I would trust Ryan Cunningham with my child without question, physically and spiritually. I am very grateful for all he has done for my son since we have met him.”

-Denise Petty

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