Eugene MMA: Brent Primus Wins Again at Bellator 141

Eugene MMA: Brent Primus Wins Again at Bellator 141

On Friday, Augsust 29th Performance Martial Arts Academy’s Brent Primus stepped into the Bellator cage, looking to keep his record unblemished and show everyone what Eugene MMA is all about. At Bellator 141 Brent faced off against the extremely talented and experienced Derek Anderson (12-1). The fight was very exciting and had a lot of back-and-forth moments. In the end, Brent’s hand was raised in a split decision victory. Primus, now 6-0 as a professional, is looking to make his way on to the main card for Bellator and eventually take the title back home to Eugene.

Here is the play-by-play from the fight from

Derek Anderson vs.Brent Primus

Round 1

Anderson drops Primus with his first right hand of the fight but does not pounce and allows Primus to stand up. Staking out the center of the cage, Anderson tries to keep Primus at bay with long jabs, but Primus charges inside and ties up. The lightweights clinch on the fence, Primus working for a takedown from the outside. Anderson puts a hand on the mat to defend, allowing Primus to jump on his back and sink in both hooks. Primus is riding high as Anderson tries to shake him off. As they fall to the ground, Primus’ position improves; Anderson tries to roll over and then has to give up his back again as Primus nearly mounts him. Anderson finally shakes Primus, who fails on an armbar attempt and winds up on his back. Midway through the round, Anderson stands and wants Primus to do the same. Primus shoots for a long takedown, gets stuffed, but once again is able to turn the corner and jump on Anderson’s back. This time, Primus secures the position with a body triangle and starts softening Anderson with short punches. Primus goes for the armbar and again loses the position, and the lightweights come back to their feet to close out the round.

Sherdog Scores

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Primus
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Primus
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Primus

Round 2

Primus goes straight for the clinch and gets stuffed, then shoved against the fence by Anderson, who takes the outside position for a few seconds before opting to separate. Primus whiffs on a spinning backfist and eats a couple shots from Anderson in retaliation. Another clinch from Primus leads to yet another back-take, again secured via body triangle. Primus switches to hooks and digs for a rear-naked choke, but Anderson is doing well to fight off his opponent’s hands. Anderson flips over and takes top position, then drops a half dozen hard elbow shots on Primus’ face after a failed armbar attempt. Anderson pulls out of another armbar try from Primus and continues to work short ground-and-pound. He shucks the legs of Primus during a triangle attempt and scrambles back up to his feet.

Sherdog Scores

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Anderson
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Anderson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Anderson

Round 3

Primus takes 30 seconds to complete a takedown, but when he tries to jump on Anderson’s back this time, he’s blocked by the fence. Instead, Primus wraps up a guillotine and jumps guard, but Anderson steps over and frees himself from the choke. Primus maintains top position in the scramble and steps over to full mount. Anderson gives up his back; Primus takes it and immediately begins grabbing for a rear-naked choke. Again, Primus gives up the position to try an armbar which lasts only a few seconds. Anderson is on top midway through the final round, trying to regain some ground with punches on the mat, but both men are looking very tired at this late stage.

Eugene MMA

(+ Enlarge) | Photo: D. Mandel/

Primus remains undefeated.

Primus opens his guard and sits up against the fence, grabbing for a kimura or armbar, but Anderson has his arms wrapped around Primus’ waist and isn’t giving space for a submission to materialize. Anderson also isn’t doing much on top down the stretch, just maintaining the top and holding Primus on the ground. With under a minute to go, Anderson stands up and asks Primus to follow. Anderson scores with a pair of clinch knees before Primus pops him with a jab. Both men stick jabs, then a leg kick lands for Anderson, and the 155ers finish the fight in the clinch.

Sherdog Scores

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Primus (29-28 Primus)
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Primus (29-28 Primus)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Primus (29-28 Primus)

The Official Result

Brent Primus def. Derek Anderson via Split Decision (29-27, 29-28, 28-29) R3 5:00

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