Eugene BJJ: Performance Grappling Team Brings Home Hardware

Eugene BJJ: Performance Grappling Team Brings Home Hardware

Representing Springfield and Eugene BJJ, The Performance Grappling Team once again hit the mats at the annual Ground Warrior Submission Challenge in Salem, OR. This event was a submission-only format, promising high action and crazy finishes. To say we did well would be an understatement.  Together with the crew from Roseburg, PMAA brought back 22 medals! The Ribeiro/Lovato NW Team was on the podium all day.

Here’s the breakdown of our medalists:

Kaylan R- Gold (Purple Belt)

Dan T- Gold (Blue Belt)

Brian G- Gold (Blue Belt)

Jesus L- Gold (Blue Belt)

Emma K- Gold (Grey Belt Gi)

Daniel P- Gold (Grey Belt Gi) *5/5 submission finishes

Cristian M- Gold (Youth NoGi)

Ashlen A- Silver (Blue Belt)

John B- Silver (Adv NoGi)

Jesus L- Silver (Adv NoGi)

Alex S- Silver (White Belt)

Marcus C- Silver (White Belt)

Clayton A- Silver (White Belt)

Milo T- Silver (Yellow Belt)

Emma K- Silver (Youth NoGi)

John B- Bronze (Purple Belt)

Koa S- Bronze (Blue Belt)

Mathea W- Bronze (White Belt)

Monica A- Bronze (White Belt)

Issa S- Bronze (Yellow Belt)

Cristian M- Bronze (Grey Belt)

Jack B- Bronze (Youth NoGi)


Great job to all of the competitors. We are very proud of you win or lose! Great start to 2015!

*Team Results are still pending


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