Five Grappling Comes to Oregon: Great Performance’s By All

Five Grappling Comes to Oregon: Great Performance’s By All



On Saturday, May10th,2014,  the Performance Grappling Team hit the mats at the Five Grappling Oregon 1 Tournament.  Results were impressive, both individually and as a team. Professor Ben Baxter battled World Champion Jackson Souza in two super tough and technical matches, and later dominated his way to a gold medal in the No-Gi division. Purple belt, John Butler, had the most impressive performance of the day, bringing home 4 medals in as many divisions. At the end of the day, team Ribeiro Lovato NW ended up on the podium for all 3 categories: Youth, Adult, and Overall. It was a great tournament; we can’t wait to have Five Grappling come back to Oregon!


Ben Evans Silver Gi

Roma Pawelek Gold Gi

Andrew Sidelinger Bronze Gi

Steven Greene Silver Gi

John Butler Gold Gi

John Butler Silver Absolute Gi

Shami Baudichon Silver Gi

Ben Baxter Bronze Gi

Ben  Baxter Bronze Absolute Gi

John Butler Bronze No-Gi

John Butler Bronze Absolute No-Gi

Shami Baudichon: Silver No-Gi

Ben Baxter: Gold No-Gi


Overall: 3rd Place

Adult: 2nd Place

Youth: 3rd Place

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